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Yida Experimental Center


Yida Experimental Center was established in 2003 and is an independent authorized department with related testing of drive motors, deceleration starters, generators and electronically controlled air horns. Passed CNAS national laboratory certification in 2016; owns 50 experimental equipments.


Starter, generator environmental performance laboratory

Note: The sequence of the above four pictures (from left to right) German Bruker direct reading spectrometer, generator environmental durability system, generator high temperature and rapid speed change durability test, generator environmental performance and efficiency test bench

Scientific inspection and quality assurance


Starter durability test and no-load test bench The service life of the starter is the most concerned issue. The laboratory meas
ures the number of starts of the starter and the service life of each component through durability tests. The starter is placed on the diesel engine bench to simulate the starting process. The system automatically records the number of starts and product status. After tens of thousands of times The test finally yields stable and accurate data.

Another starter no-load test is to test the current, voltage, and speed of the starter in the no-load state to ensure the performance and quality of the starter.


Generator Comprehensive Environmental Test Chamber The laboratory simulates a variety of extreme environments, such as salt spray, dust, etc., through a comprehensive environmental test chamber. After hundreds of hours of tests, it measures the service life of generators in extreme environments and continuously improves them. The ability of the generator to withstand extreme environments.


Drive motor test bench Drive motor endurance performance has always been a concern. The laboratory measures the number of starts of the drive motor and the service life of each component through durability tests. The endurance and product status of the motor are obtained by placing the drive motor on the assembly and speed test bench. Control the details to the extreme.


Deliver better products to customers

Yida is willing to conduct tens of thousands of experiments for every small performance improvement, just to serve customers with better products. Every improvement is an improvement. Even if the improvement is only 0.01, we believe that every small step will eventually make Yida take a big step in the automotive industry. Yida has carefully invested in research and development and believes that in the near future, Yida drive motors will follow the general direction of the development of new energy vehicles and lead the development and transformation of the industry.