Yida grows up with you~

Fujian Yida Electric Drive Co., Ltd.

Employee birthday party


Yida's quality originated in 1994, and it has been 25 years. Over the past 25 years, Yida has attached great importance to human resources as the first resource, created an open and challenging employment environment and broad development space for employees, and solved the worries of employees. Yida employees have delivered better products to customers and created for the company value. Yida employees are willing to grow together with Yida~~

2019 Yida: Happy Birthday

After entering work, how many birthdays did you have?

Maybe on a night of overtime

Maybe on the way home to catch the bus

That special day

I've long been forgotten by you

My birthday is just like this


But birthday, everyone

The most exclusive day

How can I skip it quietly?


Small cakes for employees

When we were young, we were accompanied by our parents

When going to school, we have the blessings of classmates

After work

Running around for life

I often overlook this very meaningful day

Even if I forget, Yida has a deep memory


Birthday gifts for employees

There is a kind of corporate care

Moisturize things silently

Always quietly immersed in my heart

Must be a special fate

So I can become an artiste along the way

Yida employee birthday party, the strongest affection, the deepest love


T stage dance


Yida in my heart 2019

Yida ushered in a staff birthday party filled with love

Share happiness together at the Yida House full of love

Enjoy afternoon tea

Everyone releases love with joy, and thanks the company with laughter

Enjoy your own happy time


At Yida, there is always a special day

It's like a bud

Grand bloom for the birthday employees

A thousand words and endless blessings

It’s not as warm as a "Happy Birthday to you"

Yida’s home now, Yida’s birthday wishes

Give you a different experience~

Yida is more brilliant because of you

You are more brilliant because of Yida

We will be better in the future!

Happy 25th birthday to all employees and Yida!