What should I do if the electric air conditioner has insufficient power generation? You need this go

Recently, the country has drastically cooled down

Do you feel cold

But don’t forget the hot summer is coming


Four treasures in summer電動空調發電量不足怎么辦.en248.png


Go out in summer

There must be electric air-conditioning in the car.

But electric air conditioners use a lot of electricity

What to do if you are worried that the car’s power supply is insufficient

At this time you need a god assist teammate

That's it!

Jindi high-efficiency flat wire generator

Ensure continuous power supply all the way

No longer worry about using electric air conditioners

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Electric air conditioner encounters problems電動空調發電量不足怎么辦.en248.png

Generators, batteries, and electric air conditioners are all closely related to the "electricity" in the car. Their relationship is as follows:


Battery loss: insufficient generator power generation, battery loss, unable to support long-term operation of electric air conditioners!

Low efficiency and high fuel consumption: The electric air conditioner is always on and requires continuous power supply from the battery. The generator has low efficiency and takes a long time to fully charge the battery. The burden on the diesel engine also increases, which increases fuel consumption to a certain extent!

Are you also worrying about these problems?


Insufficient generator power generation

Electric air conditioners are useless


Then the following

High efficiency flat wire generator

Learn about!


High efficiency flat wire generator電動空調發電量不足怎么辦.en248.png

Fujian Yida's highefficiency flat wire generator greatly improves the overall performance of the generator. Let's see what surprises this new assist artifact can bring~


01 fuel saving and emission reduction get

The flatline generator has a high comprehensive power generation efficiency, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions, and saves car owners worry and money.


02 light weight get

The flat wire generator is lighter, which is conducive to the lightweight of the engine and the vehicle.


03 small size get

The flat wire generator is smaller, saves engine space, and is easy to install.


04 Large low-speed power generation get

The lowspeed power generation performance of the flatline generator has been greatly improved, which better meets the diverse power needs of vehicles and meets thecomfort and convenience needs of drivers.


Yida Flat Wire Generator

Low-speed power generation performance has been tested many times

Far beyond the low-speed power generation performance of traditional round wire generators

Fully meet the diversified electricity demand of the vehicle

Provide permanent power

Cooking, boiling water, blowing air-conditioning for worry-free travel